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Regulation Thermography

Who Should Have a Whole- Body Thermography Screening?


Whole-Body Thermography can identify underlying causes, often long before symptoms develop so healing can begin.

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Naturopathic Medicine

Have You Considered The Option of Natural Medicine?

Do You Suffer From Chronic Health Problems that do Not Respond to Conventional Medicine

Are You Seeking A Personalized Comprehensive Care Center?

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Meet Dr. Gruber

Dr. Gary Gruber, is professor of Environmental Medicine at the University of Bridgeport College of Naturopathic Medicine.

A licensed Naturopathic Physician and practitioner, recognized as Fairfield County’s leading voice in Environmental Medicine.

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We’re making some changes to our online pharmacy!

Over the next few weeks our online pharmacy is going to change over to a new system… We’ve been working with Designs For Health to improve how Family and Environmental Medicine can help you.  For a while now, supplements, vitamins, and various other health products have been available for purchase online when you visit our […]

Summer Special – LiveO2

The sun-filled days of Summer are when we should feel our best… If you have experienced a loss of energy, wrinkles, or perhaps brain fog, LiveO2 can make a world of difference!   The Summer Special ends August 13th, and we’d love to help you feel better! Receive the benefits of a true anti-aging system […]

Alternative to Hyperbaric Oxygen Treatments

Athletes and Hyperbaric Oxygen Over the past few months there have been news reports about athletes who are using hyperbaric oxygen chambers to support recovery from their day to day regimens of intense training and competition. As a avid tennis fan I found a newsworthy article in the Wall Street Journal about Novak Djokovic and […]

Anti-Aging Medicine is Exercise with Oxygen

Botox Injections and Collagen Therapy are not Anti-Aging Medicine in Fairfield County As a naturopathic physician for over 12 years I am always researching to find and implement new therapies that generate health and healing for our patients. The current state of anti aging medicine consists of hormone replacement therapy, laser treatments, botox injections, and […]

Removing Obstacles as Treatment for Chronic Lyme Disease

Lyme disease is typically associated with a bacterial infection from a tick bite. Most people do not even notice the tick bite or a rash. Nevertheless, the typical treatment for eliminating the infection is one or more treatments with antibiotics. Unfortunately, in the majority of cases that see in our office, antibiotics make the condition […]

Importance of Detoxing during the Holiday Season

Everyone knows it’s hard to resist the tempting treats and libations that come along with holiday celebrations.  After each meal or party we vow not to indulge at the next party.  We eventually give up all together and are back at square one.  If you are having a hard time sticking to your diet over […]

Treatments for Brain Fog and Fatigue in Fairfield County CT

Brain Fog and Fatigue in Chronic Lyme Disease In our clinic we see many patients that are diagnosed with chronic Lyme disease. One common thread with all these patients is brain fog and fatigue. Brain fog and fatigue are common symptoms that result from chronic stress. Chronic stress may be from emotional influences such as […]

Breast Cancer Screening in Fairfield County CT

Mammogram versus Thermography for Breast Cancer Screening For more than thirty years Mammography and Regulation Thermography have been used as a screen for breast cancer. A Mammogram is a simply x-ray of the breast tissue. Regulation Thermography is a recording of the change of skin temperature and is based on the  physiology of temperature regulation. […]

Breast Thermography versus Regulation Thermography

There are many methods to diagnosis changes and disease in breast tissue: X-Ray (Mammogram), CT-Scan and  MRI, Ultrasound, Infrared Camera, and Thermometry. Most women are familiar with mammography. It is estimated that 70% of all women over the age of 40 have annual mammograms. But many women are concerned about the inherent health risks of […]


There are over 400 species and thousands of strains of bacteria that are supposed to inhabit the lower intestines and colon. These 400+ species are collectively called probiotics, which means “for life”, and were initially discovered in the early 1900’s. These bacteria have many roles in good health such as making short-chain fatty acids (SCFAs), […]